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I am not a good gift giver. At all.

When my kids were three and four years old I gave them each a teapot for Chanukah because they loved their dad’s teapot. I thought these would be sophisticated, treasured gifts. My son looked up at me and said, “Mom, we are children. Children don’t want tea bags and teapots for Chanukah. Children want toys, mom. Toys.”

Point taken.

How did the holiday gift extravaganza go for you?

I don’t like the consumerist push. I like having less stuff, not more. I don’t like wrapping paper (all that work for a moment or rip?). It’s against my value set. Less is more. Experience over acquisition. a

If you’ve experienced a little disappointment this holiday season (as a giver or a receiver), check out this great video from The Atlantic on How To Avoid Gift Giving Mistakes. Also, I got hip to this great piece that has been making rounds since the 80s about the “white envelope”, a different kind of holiday giving. Give it a read (and perfect for the last minute gift).

For those of you who feel a little melancholy during the holidays, here’s a piece I wrote about Christmas for Jews a couple of years back. It's about feeling left out. And if that doesn't raise the spirits, Eddie Murphy on SNL should do it.
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A 2020 Gift For You: The Personal (R)evolution Podcast Course

This fall, I received a gift -- an experiential gift. Himalaya invited me to turn my best-selling book, Personal (R)evolution, into a podcast course.

I said yes to Himalaya (because I’m always up for a climb -- ba dum cha), here's the promotional trailer for the podcast course.

Coaching is giving the gift of life change. The ultimate experience gift. If you’ve been thinking about coaching, or are considering giving someone the gift of coaching, this is a great way to do it.

The Personal (R)evolution podcast course is a 3-month program that kicks off January 1st. It will be fun, and high impact so join me and the community to create change.

My gift to you is a SERIOUS friends and family discount that I negotiated with Himalaya. For the first week, as my friend, family member or colleague, you can receive 50% off. This is only available for the first week, and the deal will end on January 7th.

Let’s put a dent in the matrix together. Let’s help people live the lives they want to live; do that thing they want to do, effectuate change. Let’s do this. One person at a time.

Thank you for being part of the change.