Hello reader,

It’s my birthday and I’ll shelter-in-place if I want to!
Shelter-in-place if I want to, shelter-in-place if I want to
Let's hang out virtu 'cause you'll be home too...

Tomorrow, Wednesday, March 25th is my birthday and the only place I want to be is home with you. Please join me for a virtual Zoom coaching group session at 8:15PM ET. We're in this together; let's be together and figure out how to move forward.

This live group coaching session should last about 30 minutes. It’s free; just join the party. Here is the link for the meeting:
Password: 037736

Here’s what we’ll cover:
  • How To Be Mindful Realist in this Moment
  • Stress / Anxiety Management:
    • 5 4 3 2 1 Grounding
    • Naming Your Emotions
    • Structure
    • -isms and Health
  • Love Your People
  • Priorities and Realignment
There will be insights and action items so bring a pad of paper and get ready to feel that "that was helpful" coaching feeling. Bring your spouse, feel free to share the link with a loved one.

Let’s connect and realign together.


PS: Here's a powerful story about being a realist right now from one of my very best friends and husband of a doctor who is currently delivering babies to people who have the coronavirus. Preach, brother Lou. Feel him with me.

PPS: Here's a meditation I'm loving right now -- don't mess with Ekhardt; he's a classic! And don't get distracted that he's quoting Jesus up front (if that sort of thing distracts you)-- he's making a point; stay with him. Especially helpful if you're having a hard time falling asleep. Let ET help you relax.

PPPS: The Israeli mom rant. Parents who have been good sports about becoming work-from-home student-teachers, let's release a collective primordial scream.

PPPPS: As this is my first Zoom group session, I'm expecting some technical difficulties so if for some reason it doesn't work, or we have more than 100 people and you're bounced from the session, I apologize in advance.