Hello reader,

We're settling in for the long haul now.

In more than half the states across the country, school is done for the year.

[Collective groan.]

After you take a beat (or 10) on that, remember, we are better off when we are realists about the Pandemic. We’re past the bargaining phase, and treating this like the long-term war it is; not a short inconvenience.

We can handle the truth. It will hit hard, and we will grieve (and grieve some more), and then we can dust off, grit-up, and deal with the hand we've been dealt.

  • THE TRUTH: The best straight talk I've heard on the future of the pandemic is from The Daily podcast. It’s the straight dope, told by a science writert. And not to worry, at the end he ends high, reminding us that in a few years we’ll be reengaging in a more depthful way, like it’s the roaring twenties again (which, of course, it will be).
  • HUSH UP, MOTIVATORS. THIS IS AN ENDURANCE SPORT: Also -- note to all you all who are feeling the pressure to perform, learn and do do do now. Fooey on all that, and the motivation coaches that are suggesting it. Reader's Digest has asked me to write the antidote, Why You Shouldn't Feel Bad About Not Being Productive During Quarantine. Would love to hear any and all thoughts you have on the topic.
  • IDENTIFY WHAT YOU CAN CONTROL TO INCREASE YOUR CONTENTMENT: My Personal (R)evolution podcast is now free, and I'm adding short weekly episodes on managing the pandemic. Have a listen. My most recent episode details the areas of your life that you CAN control, right now, to increase your contentment. I'd love to hear what you think.
I am here, as always if I can be useful to you in this time. whether you’d like a single session or a full program; let’s meet for an online coaching session via Zoom.

Great love, strength, and resilience to you,