Hello reader,

I have a new office with west facing windows. It doesn't get direct sun until around 10AM and y'all know I'm up and ready to go at the crackers of dawn. And sitting in a dark space while the sun is rising doesn't work for me.

So I've taken to sitting outside my building in the mornings, where I can see the sun glide up into the sky. It's good for me. I intend to bundle up and continue this habit into the fall and winter.

Simple fix, right?

I was feeling murky and sad in my office, and I paid attention to what wasn't working for my body and mind. And then I made it better.

What do you need right now? What's not working that you can change?

One of my friends was frustrated because her doorbell is ringing all day long while she's trying to support her 2nd grader with distance learning. Kids want to play, they're on different schedules, and they ring the bell. She said, "I should make some sort of sign to put on the door to let kids know when she is and isn't available."

Irritation, frustration, solution. In less than 15 seconds.

What's irritating you? What are you tolerating and how close may a solution be?

Sometimes a solution is real close, especially if you brainstorm out loud or with a coach. If you're stuck in emotion (frustration, irritation), the solution can be even more elusive. That's where a coach / thought partner can be really helpful.


I keep hearing how people feel stuck in a rut, that they're just giving up on the rest of 2020. My gosh, there's work to be done. You can have the next 3 months be much better than the preceding 9. Here's a piece I wrote for those who feel stuck in a rut (and how to get out of that rut). You can unstick yourself, and if you're superglued, know that I'm here.

I'd also like to share this post. One of my most popular blogs from this year is about the power of storytelling. What is the story you are telling yourself about your life today, your life in the past, or the life you wish you could be living? Recognize the power of the story you are telling, and realize that you are the author, and you can edit your story at any time.

Lots of love to you,
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