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Mom Returns to Work Workshop

Montclair Baby

113 Walnut Street, Montclair NJ

Friday June 17, 2016 11:30AM

Fee: $20

In our country, the majority of moms are working moms, and most moms return to work within 12 weeks of giving birth. You are not alone. That said, this is a significant transition, deserving of its own rituals. Your priorities have changed; you have changed; how will this affect your work? How will this affect your colleagues’ view of you? While some women can’t wait to get back to their jobs, others take this as an opportunity to rethink their careers

In this workshop, we review top-of-mind concerns like breastfeeding and pumping, childcare (medical, emergency, back-up childcare), daytime communication, home care, eating (you and the baby), sleeping (you and the baby), healthy boundaries between work and home, couple time and down time.

Not So Wicked: The Stepmom Workshop

Maybe you’re dating a divorced man. Maybe you’re already a stepmom. Maybe you’re about to get married to the most wonderful man and all anyone wants to talk about is whether or not this is good for the children. I hear you, sister.

As a stepparent, your identity shifts as forcefully as every other parent on the planet when they become parents, and moreso as you’re dealing with an additional level of complexity: not being the biological mother. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely you experienced the transition rituals (shower, baby naming, lots of well-intentioned advice, or have experienced friends you can call at the drop of a hat when your world no longer makes sense).

So what can you do? Gather with a group of like-minded stepmoms for a workshop series guided by personal coach Allison Task. Join your community, and feel the support you have from fabulous women who are experiencing many of the same situations and feelings.

In this workshop, we’ll tackle tough questions like:

  • Who comes first, you or the kids?
  • The ex: how to minimize the damage.
  • Types of parenting: co-parents, parallel parents, ‘combative’
  • How do you “share” your husband without going crazy?
  • Choose your battles.
  • Who am I and what are these feelings? Rage, jealousy, frustration, deep sadness, and the sensation of being an outsider in your own home.
  • Rewrite your role.
  • Alimony, child support and other legal SNAFUs.
  • The benefits of second marriages: your happiness will climb.
  • Boundaries: how to set them, what they should look like in these relationships, what to do when they are crossed / ignored, and how to handle it when you and your partner disagree on what they should be

This workshop is three 90-minute sessions with no more than 8 participants:

  • You & Your World
  • Him & His World
  • The Kids & The World You Create Together

This Newfangled Thing Called Pregnancy: The Grandparent Workshop

A baby prep workshop for Grandparents and others from a generation when having a baby seemed much less complicated.

Yes, in order to have a baby, you still need to connect the sperm with an egg, but there are many, many more ways to do that now. In this workshop, we’ll review everything from fertility options to pumping and paternity leave: basically, everything that’s new about having a baby, plus the old-fashioned joy.


  • Fertility / Infertility
  • Same-sex partnering
  • IUI, IVF, Multiples, and Baby reduction
  • Egg donors, sperm donors, surrogates
  • Adoption


  • Announcing before the first trimester is over
  • CVS and Amnio
  • Naming the baby before he or she arrives
  • Sonograms, sonograms, sonograms
  • High risk pregnancy
  • The baby shower for the parents
  • The gender reveal event
  • Babymoon(s)


  • Doctor, Midwives, Doula
  • Having a child at home
  • Having a child in a bath
  • Hypnobirthing
  • Fun with placenta
  • The hospital: no more cigars
  • NICU
  • Facebook, social media, iPhones, Skype and Facetime


  • Pumping & apparatus (glider, pillows, pumping bras, car pumping)
  • Nursing / formula
  • Mothering the mother
  • Paternity leave / Maternity leave
  • Baby wearing
  • Cleaning products
  • “You Can’t Have It All”
  • Post-partum depression and anxiety
  • Herbs and oils
  • Baby nurse
  • Overnight nurse
  • 4th trimester doula


  • F/T, P/T Nanny
  • Childcare
  • Preschool (starting at 18 months/2 yrs)
  • Family help

Mother the Mother Workshop


Across the world, different cultures offer elaborate rituals for women during the first 100 days after the birth of a new child. These rituals allow the mother to focus on mothering her new child, while others are focused on cleaning her home, feeding her and allowing her to rest while her body rehabilitates. Our culture has yet to establish a cohesive tradition, which gives you the opportunity to envision a fourth trimester for yourself. What’s most important to you? Regular massages? Homemade food? Visits from friends or private nesting time?

If you’ve thought through a birth plan, consider taking some time to think through your fourth trimester. It’s a significant transition in your personal life, and planning for it helps you and your family adjust to the new order of things. You mother the baby. Let other people mother you.


  • One 60-minute group coaching session to introduce you to the plan (limit: 8 people, including partners)
  • One additional 60-minute private coaching session to review, establish the plan in person or via Skype.
  • Open to individuals and couples. Ideal for those in their 2nd or 3rd trimester.

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