This is NOT your ordinary intro session.

Vibrant Insights. Action Steps.  Sharp Feedback.

Before we even meet, I’ve sent you a prep sheet which you’ve returned and I review. So before you step in the room,  I know what’s working brilliantly, not-so-great, and what you want to achieve.

In your introductory session,  jump right in and get to the problem-solving. We will begin to unknot the issue (or issues) that have been bothering you. It will start to loosen and unravel. We zero in on key insights. You will have fresh thoughts and begin to see solutions.

We’ll look at how you’ve solved problems in the past and use these tools now. You will move forward. I help you break through frustrations, guiding you from insight to action.

I will send you detailed feedback from our session with insights, next steps and coaching goals. You will be in a better frame of mind to attack your goal. You will leave knowing you can do this.

At the end of the session, we’ll discuss if you’re ready for coaching and if so, which program is a fit.  There is absolutely no expectation that you continue coaching; the session is complete in and of itself.

The introductory session is 70 minutes and $325. If you choose to move forward with additional coaching, these are the programs I offer.

If you’d like to set up a session, I coach Monday through Friday ET at 7:00AM, 8:15AM, 9:30AM, 10:45AM, noon and 1:15PM. I coach 6:15PM and 7:30PM Monday through Wednesday. Complete the form on this page and send me a couple of days and times that would work for you and let me know if you’d like to meet in my office, via phone, Skype, Facetime or Zoom.

All sessions can be recorded if you’d like to have a copy.

Most coaches offer complimentary intro sessions. I am not most coaches. Your time is valuable, so let’s make the best use of it to get you moving. Not in a few weeks, not when my schedule opens up — right now, from your introductory session. Most clients find that the prep sheet alone gets those wheels turning; so before we even meet, you’re making progress.

Let’s do this. Let’s make change happen.

Schedule your intro session today using the form on this page.

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Allison is a true star at what she does. She guided me through a career change with ease. She is a fresh perspective when things seem hopeless. The whole experience with her just amazing. She showed me that I was beyond capable to make the changes that I wanted to make in my life. With her support I was able to see the best in myself and make the necessary changes. She will not do the work for you but show you how to do it for yourself which is even more valuable. If you are considering working with her don’t hesitate for a second, you will not regret it!
Kristina J
Kristina J
21:08 22 Mar 19
I cannot recommend Allison enough. I find myself referring to our sessions & her book regularly. When you work with her, you have a true partner. I learned to verbalize my goals. I've gained clarity on my values and what is actually important to me, not just what I've told myself is important to me. My career has shifted. My creative life is flourishing. I've booked additional sessions. For as long as she's coaching, I'll be a client.
Nolan Denker
Nolan Denker
01:47 12 Feb 19
I had a terrific experience with Allison. When I started my 8-session package with her, I felt stuck professionally and full of self doubt. Undaunted, Allison Task was up for the task! Having finished the package with Allison a few weeks ago, I am astounded by her tenacity and willingness to hop right in and roll up her sleeves. She’s smart and laser focused! She kept me on message in terms of recognizing many entrenched and damaging mindsets. Doing this successfully is often the first step in making change happen. Allison has a knack for getting to the heart of the matter, providing clients with a forum to articulate feelings. She is also great at framing key issues so they're seen in a whole new light. Allison’s presence, energy, and ability to cut right to what's important is rare. Her mission is to effectuate positive changes, and that’s just what she does. Also, she’s results driven. I am now taking positive steps forward. I have clear direction with my business, and am making money as a consultant. I would NEVER have made these changes without the insights I learned with Allison!
Michelle Glasser
Michelle Glasser
18:04 24 Jan 19
Allison is such a positive and special person to be around. She helped me see that I can achieve anything I put my mind to, in my career and personal life. She helped me plan goals and motivated me towards my achievement. I’m so greatful to her and I had a wonderful experience. She is truly professional and I highly recommend her for anyone looking to excel in life.
Chana Deena Benjamin
Chana Deena Benjamin
17:21 16 Jan 19
I went to see Allison this past week after reading her amazing reviews online. In our 75 minute intro season, She not only helped me figure out the best way to achieve my career goals, but also helped me identify parallels in my personal and professional life. It was an eye opening and invaluable experience. I feel more confident and secure in my decision making skills. She helped me see my value as an employee and showed me how I can achieve my goals in a reasonable time period. Her organizational skills are unmatched and she even emails you a recap of the session so you have something in writing to reflect on. I have already recommended her to my family and friends! Go see Allison - you won’t regret it!
17:14 17 Nov 18