Life Coaching Workshop

Objectives: Deepen awareness, Connect with others.

This workshop will support you to move deeper into awareness around your values, what makes you happy, content and joyful. I will share tools that will help you raise your happiness and contentment, relational depth, and service to the greater good.

My biggest joy in work is connecting with each of you, and I hope to foster exponential joy when you connect with one another.

I will share concepts, ideas and exercises that you will be able to work on independently within the workshop and explore collectively in small and large groups.

LIfe Coach Workshop Speaker Allison Task


Dates: Fall 2024, TBD
Time: Daytime
Format: Zoom (private, not recorded), a combination of presentation, independent exercises, group work and partner work. Optional homework and suggested further reading is provided.
Fee: $500 for coaching program alumni, $750 non-alumni.
Size: Limited to 15 people

Topics include:

  1. Values & Focus
  2. Social Health: Relationships, Hearing, Being Heard and Listening
  3. Emotional Health: Grit, Resistance, Flexibility
  4. Happiness, Contentment, Metacognition & Emotional Choice
  5. Life's Work and Service
  6. Spiritual Health: Awe, Grace, Contemplation and Connection

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