When I work with a coaching client in transition, we often find areas where they need additional support, whether that's a money manager or simply cleaning the house. Here are a list of resources that my clients and I have have good experiences with. If you have additional questions about these resources, please feel free to contact me.

Job Sites


The Ladders


Decor & Organizing

Let's Get Organized

Erin Hamilton

Money Manager

Francis Financial

Gregg Whitehead at Schwab


Internist: Dr Krupp

Pediatricians: Kintiroglou Pediatrics

Dentist: Ferguson Dental

Pediatric Dentist: Montclair Pediatric

Gynecologist: Dr A, Wombkeepers.

Life Tree Placenta Services


Lizzy Swick

Mom N Tot Nutrition / Caitlin Kiarie


Farnoosh's So Money

Mallory's MILK (Mother's I'd Like to Know)

Home Cleaning

Carmen Da Luz: (973) 332-4032

Social with Kids (local to Montclair)


Geyer YMCA (great for activities, camp, swimming)

Montclair Baby


Music Together

Virtual Assistant (Vietnam-based)

Edrick Ballogan
JL Professional Virtual Assistant


Barbara Safani / Career Solvers
One Rockefeller Plaza, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10020
Phone: 1-347-480-1827

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