“I sought Allison’s help after my life shifted from “very comfortable stay at home mom” to “why the hell did I sign a pre-nup” single 40-something mom of a special needs child -who hasn’t worked in 8 years! Needless to say, helping me get my life on track would have been a daunting task for anyone. Not only did Allison lift me out of a black hole, she guided me through reframing my thinking in a way to face my mountain of challenges as something that could be conquered.

My Mount Everest, or “monster under the bed” as Allison humorously referred to it, was my financial situation. I could no longer run away from the frightening reality of it. Well, with Allison’s guidance, encouragement, knowledge of resources, and positive approach, the topic of my finances became manageable and a little less scary. Since working with Allison, my life has improved in too many ways to name. I can say that my greatest achievement has been that I have stopped running away from whatever is thrown at me. I feel as though i am “plugged into life” again.”

-Maria S. Chassen, NYC, NY

“Here’s the deal. There are things you do because you think “why not” and there are things you do because you feel lost. But once in a while, there are things you do because they are right, and because you MUST, and you don’t even know that you must until you’re doing them. That’s what it felt like for me to work with Allison.

Goals and dreams were brimming in my guts, and I just needed somebody good – somebody who would listen with intuition and wisdom and humor – to help me shape them in my mind. Allison asked the questions that brought forth the answers. She picked out what she heard (most of which I didn’t even know I was saying), and encouraged me to manifest those goals and dreams into reality. She told me I could do it. She helped me see how. She looked at things from a perspective I didn’t even know existed.

If you want a life coach who will make you laugh while making you think while making you shed what you no longer need while making room for the big, beautiful life you deserve, then I recommend Allison for the job. She is like an orchestra maestro, waving her baton at your positive thoughts and bringing their volume higher. Then she waves that magic wand over at your truth, at your creativity, at your confidence, at your perseverance, and she organizes it all into something you can DO. Setbacks are redressed as opportunities and learning lessons, dare I say, even blessings. The way is then paved for your achievements, with your intentions clear, with nothing holding you back.

Working with Allison, you leave with these delicious, bite-size steps that move your life along in the direction you hoped for. And as you walk along the path you lay together with her, it feels good because you know you have built it not out of sheer luck and not because you cheated, but because you have envisioned it, worked for it, and learned how to own it. She helps you own the life you want, and to me, that is absolutely priceless.”

-Katya Lidsky, Los Angeles, CA

“For me, personal coaching was sort of like a much more practical form of therapy that focused not talking about your feelings, but coming up with solutions to your challenges. Allison really analyzed mine, pointing out issues that I hadn’t even realized, and then helping me come up with small, doable ways to chip away at problems. She’s wise but very down-to-earth, has a great sense of humor and can be aggressive in a really good way that makes it hard NOT to make progress with her. At one point when we were stuck on one issue, I found myself thinking extra-hard, partly in fear that she wouldn’t let me out of her office until we had a breakthrough! (And as a result, we did!) Most of all, I found it invaluable to get the perspective of someone who was entirely objective – with no investment in my situation other than wanting me to reach my goals. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

-Elisa Ung, Northern NJ

“I was the mother of a wonderful but active 18-month-old and a frustrated creative who was having trouble getting any projects completed for herself. My wonderful home needed a lot of work done, those annoying tasks that you think, “Oh, I should really get on that,” and, if you’re me, never do. Then I happily learned I was pregnant again, and realized that now there was a ticking clock called BABY. My plate felt overwhelmingly full and I was feeling, well, overwhelmed. Enter Allison.

I decided to take a chance with coaching because I knew I didn’t need a therapist (well, okay, maybe I do, but that’s a whole other story), I needed support. I needed someone who would have my back, offer perspective, and push me to do the work. I needed a coach. Allison and I had four phone sessions over two months, and in that two months I had accomplished more on a personal level than I had ever before. I am a planner, but I have trouble executing. Allison inspired me to go further than my goals, and as a result I am a happier person (and stressing out significantly less during this pregnancy). My work with Allison was successful because of who she is. She is warm but frank, sincere and honest. She’ll call you out and keep you on task, reminding you of the overall goal at stake. And she’s funny as all get-up – I spent more time laughing than I anticipated. Most importantly, when you work with Allison, you are in it together. She wants you to accomplish your goals and will help you strategically problem-solve if you stray off-course.

I can’t stress enough how valuable it was for me to have her during this time. Being able to suss out all I’d hope to do in my nine-month window, and why, never would have happened if I hadn’t had someone warm and empathetic cheering me on. I could have made to-do lists till I’m blue in the face, but the execution wouldn’t have happened without the guidance of someone like Allison, asking the tough questions and getting me to think. Allison is a gem, and I’ll forever be grateful for our time together!”

-Rachel Vine, Los Angeles, CA

“I connected with Allison at a point in my career when I was feeling vaguely unsettled but uncertain how to improve my situation.  Living at opposite ends of the country necessitated that our weekly meetings were by phone, but I was impressed immediately by her warmth and compassion, and the sensible yet creative solutions she offered.  Allison did for me what we are often unable to do for ourselves: See the potential to reinvent ourselves by shifting experience and skills specific to one area into another.  Building on our conversations over the course of about 6 months, I was able to commit to making a big decision I didn’t know I was ready to embrace. With Allison’s support–but without any cues or prodding from her–I transitioned into an entirely new profession that continues to fulfill and excite me a decade later.  I marvel still at the leap I took, and am grateful to Allison for helping me to realize I had it in me!

– Ellen D. Jackson, Portland, OR

“While trying to decide on the next step in my career, I found Allison’s insightful questions and weekly assignments really helped me clarify my goals. Although I never actually met Allison in person, I felt as if she were an old friend by our second conversation. An old friend who was smart and encouraging in just the way I needed.

Allison was able to get me to focus on what I wanted in my life at a time when I was floundering. Just as important was the way she also managed to help me see what I no longer wanted to do, something that was very liberating. She was both positive and encouraging while pushing me forward and getting me to think about my life in a different way.

Using a coach made me realize that there are times when you need someone who doesn’t know you as a friend or relative, as it gives a coach the distance to really see and hear you in a non-judgmental way. This allowed me to stop going over how I’d done things in the past and move ahead.

In other words, I highly recommend Allison as a coach.”

– Beth S., Brooklyn, NY

“Allison is a very effective coach. She has great listening skills that allow her to quickly and accurately identify the most relevant aspects of any issues her clients may be facing. Allison was instrumental in helping move through a period of big transitions in my life. Our work together brought clarity, peace and purpose to me during that time in my life.

– Kelli,  Co-Founder purplepatch Fitness, San Francisco, CA

“The Empress is one of the major cards of the tarot: a symbol of mothering and abundance. She nurtures growth. She brims with creative energy, intelligence and possibilities. This is what Allison brings to her coaching practice. She is no-nonsense and down to earth, and gets to the core of the matter with humor, wisdom, and a nurturing spirit.

I sought out Allison for coaching sessions 10 years ago to gain clarity around my business. She motivated and challenged me to truly define my vision, find my ideal clients and focus my services. Her coaching and the work we did together led to increased business with clients that I love working with. She helped me establish the foundations of my business, and to this day I continue to use the knowledge that came out of our sessions.

– Caroline, Vancouver, BC

“Having great ideas was never a problem for me. Executing them, bringing them to some satisfying fruition, was always the issue.

Allison Fishman Task taught me accountability, first to her, then to myself, finally to the world at large. The process was not painful, quite the opposite: Allison is warm, encouraging, yet firm, the perfect mix of qualities for a skilled coach.

A year after working with her, I won second prize in the Citibank-New York Public Library business plan competition for Manhattan entrepreneurs. I thank Allison for grounding me in reality, and for helping make some of my fondest dreams come true.”

– Bernice Mast, TheMastHatter.com, NYC, NY

“I have worked with Allison Fishman Task multiple times. Each of the times that we have worked together, I have wanted to make big shifts to better align my life with my personal values. One of the benefits of working with Allison is that her coaching can be applied to different aspects of your life, including professional, financial, health, and personal.

Allison has an innate ability to quickly understand and help prioritize the areas in which you would like to achieve change. An actionable strategy is determined and through succinct weekly calls with Allison, she ensures consistent focus on achieving change. If you are ready to implement active changes in your life to reach your dreams, Allison is there not only to listen, but to make those dreams a reality. After a mere three months, you’ll reflect back and wonder how it all fell into place seamlessly.”

– Kathryn, CEO Moment.com, San Francisco, CA

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