Hi. I’m Allison.

When I went to college, the career of “coach” didn’t exist. During the first 25 years of my career, I spent time in various fields that were unfolding; let’s say the professional paths were being paved as I walked upon them.

I learned a great deal about career transitions, and pursuing work — and a life —  that is meaningful and makes the best use of my skills, talents, passions and interests. Here’s my story:

After I graduated from Cornell with a degree in Human Development and Family Studies, I spent almost a decade working for a series of dot-com companies.  I loved the collaboration, excitement and possibility of creating something out of nothing.

I love entrepreneurship. But I just wasn’t a dot-com girl; I wasn’t that into technology. And yet, I wanted to contribute to the global shift in a meaningful way.

I had gained a lot of weight as high-flying, eating and drinking executive and yet, at home I couldn’t boil an egg. I thought: Eureka! I want to help women like me learn to cook. I was going to figure out how to be a happy, healthy, home cook, and wanted to teach and host my own TV cooking show. Yes, it would be difficult, but if my friends could build big dot com companies, heck, I could do this! So, just before I turned 30, I enrolled in culinary school.

After culinary school, my goal was to go to work for Martha Stewart because if I was going to teach domesticity, I wanted to learn from the master.

While at Martha, I had the opportunity to work on the launch of Everyday Food and eventually was asked to co-host the Everyday Food TV show. After that, I was invited to co-host “Home Made Simple” on Lifetime, “Cook Yourself Thin” on TLC, and I spent two years as the host of “Blue Ribbon Hunter” on Yahoo.

I was teaching people how to cook. On TV and in real life. After I left Martha, I opened my own cooking school, The Wooden Spoon, which I ran for a decade. And I found that when I was in the home kitchens of my cooking students, conversations turned from mincing shallots to other areas of their lives, like getting married or finding a job.

These conversations lit me up. So, I enrolled in a coaching program at New York University, and in 2005 I became a certified personal coach.

I was thoroughly enjoying my evolving career. And, in my mid-30s, I was ready for children and a partner, and I felt like I was running out of time for the former in a hurry. I started looking into becoming a single mother on my own. Then I met a guy.

By our third wedding anniversary, I was now a mother to four: one stepchild, twin boys, and a baby girl. I think I overdid that one a bit, exceeding my own goal :-).

Today, I am a career and life coach. I provide you with the tools to define, pursue, and achieve ambitious goals based on your core values.

I am PCC certified from the International Coaching Federation. I hold myself to the highest standards of excellence, and continue to develop coaching skills based on current research and techniques. I work with individuals in my Montclair, New Jersey office (and via Skype, Zoom, and phone for clients all over the world).

I have a degree in Human Development and Family Studies from Cornell University (look at that — an undergrad degree designed for pre-coaching!), and a Masters in Science in Food and Nutrition from New York University, a coaching certificate from NYU and culinary certificate from the Institute for Culinary Education. I’m the author of Personal (R)evolution: How to Be Happy, Change Your Life, and Do That Thing You’ve Always Wanted To DoLighten Up, America!, and You Can Trust a Skinny Cook.

I knew what I wanted in my life, and saw how those wants and needs changed as I changed. I’m living the life I deliberately created, where I can make a meaningful contribution using natural and developed skills. I love my life; I want to help you be passionate about yours too.

I’ve always enjoyed helping people be their best. I believe that people can do whatever they want to do. People can move mountains, especially when they have help. So I invite you to set up an intro session and we can create new possibilities for you.

Let’s do this-


Allison Task, MS, PCC

Allison Task Career & Life Coach

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