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As employee health is becoming a growing priority, I've been asked by respected organizations including AIG, Merck, Experian, The Nicholson Foundation, Women in Neuromodulation to offer presentations and workshops based on my client work.

It's a great honor, as in every case, it's a former client who has brought me to the attention of their organization, wanting to share the benefits they've received through coaching with their colleagues and peers.

I enjoy collaborating in the development of customized webinars and events, designing them to the specific needs of the people within the organization at that time.

I take great pride in working with organizations including non profits, global multinationals, and progressive trade organizations for professionals. As with my coaching practice, I believe working with a wide range of people allows me to be a better coach for all.

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Sample Speaking Topics

I have presented on the following topics. If you're interested in discussing one of these subjects, or might want to collaborate to create a bespoke presentation, please reach out to me.

Two Part Series: Self Care in Action: Set Your Goals and Self Care in Action: Your Needs Explored

I built these workshops for a client based on my book, A Year of Self-Care Journal. They were thrilled with the result. We expected 200-300 attendees and ended up with close to 1000! My client was very happy that she had "tapped a nerve" in the organization and was able to serve the need.

In the first presentation: Set Your Goals, we reviewed 5 key areas of self care. We reviewed self-care from the World Health Organization definition, not the bath and baubles definition that so many of us hear about this. We redefined this as a true mental health and health requirement.

From there, I invited each participant to complete The Whole Life Model. We were able to reveal each participant's key life strengths and areas for growth. We set goals for the summer and planned to reconvene after the summer for part two of the workshop series: Your Needs Explored.

We were able to take a poll to identify the top three areas of need in the organization, as revealed by The Whole Life Model exercise. Our second workshop was able to focus on these. I provided the latest research, exercises, and tools for growth in this area.

As a coach clinician who works with individual clients, I take great pride in helping to facilitate that a client's individual needs are met. In a workshop of 1000, I have the same goal. While talking to the group, my goal is always to connect with each individual within that group and focus on their unique needs.

Book: A Year of Self-Care Journal
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C'mon Get Happy

This workshop is based on Chapter 3 of my book, Personal (R)evolution. As a coach clinician, I have observed that my clients are far more creative and open when they are happy. In order for my clients to conceive of and take action toward significant change and transition, I try to help them get into a positive state of mind.

Which is great for them! If a positive state of mind is a prerequisite for transition, and the natural by-product of coaching is feeling happy, well then everybody wins.

This workshop reviews the benefits of happiness and some of my favorite tools to foster client happiness, contentment and joy. Participants leave in a far better state of mind than when they arrive. And this positivity is contagious -- to their co-workers, families and more.

The Whole Life Model

The Whole Life Model is probably my most popular coaching tool. It can be found in chapter two of Personal (R)evolution, and I share copies of this chapter on my website as a thank you gift for folks who join my newsletter.

As a stand-alone webinar, participants have the opportunity to take a guided tour of ten areas of their life, taking a deep dive into each one. They are able to evaluate what is important to them and where they are satisfied, They will identify areas of strength and growth and be able to put their focus on improving the weak areas while drawing from the strong areas.

It is a powerful exercise, yielding often surprising results. In this workshop, I like to use partners for this exercise, which can provide ongoing accountability for future actions.

Book: Whole Life Model
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SMART Goal Setting: Goal Setting in the Context of Your Whole Life

This is an especially powerful workshop when partnered with The Whole Life Model. Many people set goals, and know how to set SMART goals, but if you're setting goal on a symptom and not the cause, well then you're likely not setting the right goal. By banking goal setting in the Whole Life Model, you're setting a goal that makes sense, that you already have support to achieve, and that addresses a deeper (not surface) issue.

SMART goal setting has been around for decades, and it's effective. It requires that you take a goal through the gauntlet of "how, when, why, how will we know, and does this really matter". By taking the time to answer these criteria, you've run that goal through the gauntlet. If you REALLY want to pursue it after all that, and it's aligned with your WLM criteria of importance and lack of satisfaction, well then, you're far more likely to hit that goal.

Add in the power of an accountability partner (which we can establish in the workshop, and reconnect in following workshops), well then you've added in all kinds of important coaching elements that help people achieve their goals.

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Identify and Leverage Your Network and Create and Grow the Network You Want

These two sister workshops are based on two chapters in Personal (R)evolution. They are incredibly powerful, and since networking can be such a hot-button topic (ugh, I hate networking), I separate the concepts into identifying the network you have and grow the network you want.

This workshop has MANY exercises, and once people realize how networked they already are (chapter one) and have a few good experiences reconnecting with that network, it's much easier to help clients reach out and take more social risks by connecting with a network they don't yet have.

I have many tools and exercises to turn networking into fun, whether that's within your organization or for team members who were recently laid off and now have work to do creating and sharing their story, and reconnecting with friends and former colleagues who can support them through the transition.

Network of friends
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Career Navigation

This was a bespoke presentation I developed for the members of WIN: Women in Neuromodulation. These physicians are in a well-known male dominated field, and we had a frank workshop about how they can effectively navigate their career. I became knowledgeable in this subject after working as a coach with Rutgers Faculty and Staff. I was retained to serve as a coach for STEM female minority professors who had been hired to this famously -- and self-awarely stated "stale, pale and male" institution, to provide them with support as they navigated a successful career within RU. As the majority of client sin my practice are either 1st generation, recent immigrant or non-white.

Mission, Vision and Goal Setting Workshops

For small, midsize and growing businesses, I've also created a series of workshops for the executive leadership team (coupled with individual coaching sessions for each member of the team) to help the team coalesce around a shared vision for the organization.

As one of my former CEOs once told me about corporate vision "it isn't said until everyone has said it". And with the executive team, it's important that you're all working together toward the same vision. Without that, there's cacophony.

And of course, organizations move from times of clarity to times of chaos. That's the nature of progress and creativity. If you've found you've moved too far in the direction of chaos and want the group to come together again, this is a solid series to help realign the team.

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Let's Develop A Workshop Together

In addition to the workshops listed above, I am also open to a conversation so that you can share the needs of your organization, and I can determine a couple options for workshops I can build to address these needs.

If you'd like to learn more about these workshops, or create one together, please reach out to me here. I look forward to learning more about your needs.

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