Are you tired? Annoyed about your weight? I can help you make active choices about eating, exercise and sleep that will have you feeling well.

What is a Wellness Coach?

A wellness coach will help you with your eating, sleeping and exercise routines. Most importantly, a wellness coach will build a customized routine that works for you, and remove any mental or logistical obstacles that are keeping you from your optimal health. A good wellness coach will help you bring your physical health in line with your goals and needs.

The Benefits of Working with a Wellness Coach

Many people know the basics of better eating, and the importance of sleep and exercise. And yet, we prioritize other things – work, commute, family, or emergencies as they arise. A wellness coach can help you figure out what’s blocking you from your goals, and give you a solution that work far better than “willpower” (which rarely, if ever works, and just continues to make us feel bad!). A wellness coach will help you establish accountability, first to the coach, and then to yourself.

A good wellness coach will be trained in culinary arts and/or nutrition, and can help you find healthy food that you look forward to eating. They can work with you to develop a meal, sleep and exercise plans.

Why Work with a Wellness Coach?

wellness coach will help you get to your desired wellness goal more efficiently. A good wellness will remove the obstacles that have been coming between you and your health with such grace that you’ll wonder why they were even there. You can get to a healthier place – you know you can do it – and a wellness coach will help you get there with humor, grace and speed.

How We Work Together

As a cookbook author and cooking teacher, I understand how difficult it can be to cook, especially since many of us were raised without learning how. And an exercise routine will not become routine unless you truly enjoy it. Together, we customize a wellness plan that works for you. Components of the wellness plan include:

  • Rethinking eating habits to reverse gradual weight creep
  • Improve sleep habits
  • Find exercise that works for you
  • Gain cooking skills
  • Find new recipes that you love to make
  • Gain kitchen momentum
  • Restructure mealtime (and lunch making) so it doesn’t all fall on you
  • Gain a plan for sourcing, planning, preparing, and cleaning up meals
  • Get your body back post-baby (yes, it can be done!)

Ready To Get Started?

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