Our Coaching Has Closure

Our coaching sessions, and our engagement have a beginning, middle and end. There is pre-work and post work for every session, and I am available via email for the duration of our coaching engagement, so the coaching itself is not limited to the time we spend in the office. In fact, the in-office time is the smallest part of our work together.

Coaching is not covered by insurance. However, clients have successfully negotiated with their employer to pay for coaching as part of employee continuing education / leadership training.

Try Career and Life Coaching With A $250 Introductory Session

A reduced-price intro session will give us both a sense of what it will be like to work together. At the end of this session, we can decide how to move forward. The session lasts 75 minutes and is $250. Please call or email to schedule an intro session.

A La Carte Coaching: $395 per session.

Looking for flexibility? Coach when you need it most, on an a la carte basis. Or enjoy the benefits of consistency and consider a program below.

  • Quick Start
  • 4 (1-hour) sessions
    Duration: 2 months
  • unlimited email support
  • $270 per session (+ $35/wk)
    $680 per month

  • Best for: support and partnership during quick transitions, powerful strategic goal setting, kicking off significant change. This package can be upgraded to (R)evolution for a reduced rate.
  • (R)evolution
  • 8 (1-hour) sessions
    Duration: 3 months
  • unlimited email support
  • $220 per session (+ $35/wk)
    $735 per month
  • Best for: significant transitions including rethinking or restarting career, transitioning into parenthood, preparing for retirement. Looking to accelerate dramatically; has ample time to implement strategy between sessions.
  • Slow & Steady
  • 12 (1-hour) sessions
    Duration: 6 months
  • unlimited email support
  • $220 per session (+$35/wk)
    $590 per month

  • Best for: long term change for busy professionals or parents. Significant career change: starting a company, changing industries. Multiple goals over a longer period of time.

Coaching Programs

Choose the program that’s right for you following an intro session.

Program benefits:

  • Unlimited email support between sessions
  • Regular contact between sessions
  • Scheduling priority
  • Payment plans
  • Referral bonus
  • Maintenance programs available

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