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More Than Just Talk

We determine your goal, then move toward it with specific action items. If something is in the way, you’ll climb over it or blast through it. I guide you into action.

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Faster Than Expected

Coaching accelerates the natural process of going for what you want.  You’ll be surprised at how quickly change happens when we work together.

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Accountability Partner

If you could have done it yourself, you would have by now.  My approach will help you set and keep specific commitments to get where you want to go.

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“Not only did Allison lift me out of a black hole, she guided me through reframing my thinking in a way to face my mountain of challenges as something that could be conquered.”

Maria S. ChassenNYC, NY

“If you want a life coach who will make you laugh while making you think while making you shed what you no longer need while making room for the big, beautiful life you deserve, then I recommend Allison for the job. She is like an orchestra maestro, waving her baton at your positive thoughts and bringing their volume higher.”

Katya LidskyLos Angeles, CA

I worked with Allison for about 6 months during a time of transition in my work and home life. I benefited tremendously from the time spent with her. Allison is the antidote to blah, blah, blah business as usual. She’s very dialed in, so intent on making progress, and always on the client’s terms. I always looked forward to our meetings, they were every bit as enjoyable as constructive. 5 stars doesn’t quite do her justice.”

L MitchellPortland, OR

“Allison pulled out the best in me when I was in an extremely low mental state, where I couldn’t even organize my own, simplest thoughts. She helped me make the hardest transition of my life, thus far: from college, into the ‘real’ world. I found such comfort and relief in her – in the way she was open to hearing my struggles, without judgement, but with support. She has the perfect balance of being on my side, but also giving me her honest, valuable opinions when I need to hear them. Allison helped me rediscover myself – my passions, my goals, my thoughts…”

Maycee NicholasNew Jersey

“Allison is wonderful to work with! She genuinely cares about her clients and loves to see them succeed. My work with Allison began as I desired “more” out of life after having a baby. She helped me cast out self-doubt and together, we discovered my passion in life. Soon after, my husband and I began to see her for couples coaching. Allison helped us to uncover an amazing opportunity by relocating to another state. Since moving, life has been more rich, calm, and optimistic.”

Michele MessinaIndiana

If you have had the privilege to come across Allison Task, I would urge you to look no further. She is truly an exceptional and gifted coach, on many levels. I had a lot of balancing to do as a full-time career mom, and I was pleasantly surprised and grateful that her coaching touched all of the important areas of my life, from self, to career, to relationship, to family…As soon as I made the decision to work with Allison, things began to move in positive directions for me, week after week. It was truly a remarkable experience. I use the tools and discoveries from our coaching daily and my career and life balance continue to improve. I have a much clearer path towards achieving the life of my dreams, and that is truly invaluable.”

Lynnette ColalilloNew Jersey

You know what you want to change.

As your coach, I will help you make that change and get to a better place.

Together, we will get you where you want to go.

Let’s do this.