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How To Support A Stepmom

On my wedding day, I became a stepmother. That word, with all it’s ugly connotations, was a coat I put on top of my wedding dress. After the honeymoon, I looked at this coat (not at all my style), and I thought: what have I done? Sounds horrible, doesn’t it. I felt like the ogre I […]

What’s A Life Coach? (Video)

Part of the fun of working with a life coach is picking a partner who you connect with. After all, we’ll be working together closely on something that’s of absolute importance to you. You may be wondering: How is a life coach different from a therapist? Are my questions that insightful? What is it like to work together — […]

Need More Time? Fire Your Staff

There’s a trend I’m noticing with some of my clients right now: They’re putting more hours in their day by getting rid of the weak links on their teams. Don’t get me wrong, my clients are not “You’re fired!” type, who enjoy terminating their staff. They’ve given their staff every opportunity to succeed, and still…. Sometimes you just […]

Or You Could Have Sex

Our local Kidville recently offered Saturday morning “kids camp”. What this means is, for a handful of Saturdays in the winter (the most difficult times to occupy your children), you can drop them off from 9-12 (three whole hours!). They can run, jump, zipline, play instruments, do arts and crafts and have snack. Someone else will even change […]

It’s Weight Loss Season. Don’t Get Crazy.

As a healthy cookbook author, the January diet frenzy familiar territory for me. This is one of two “seasons” in the industry, the other being bathing suit season (natch). This is when people get serious about losing weight (and when marketers get serious about selling weight loss). And by “getting serious”, people want to lose weight now, so they go from […]