The Mindset Shift That Can Unearth Joy In Any Situation

Have you ever had a really rough moment with your child, and then someone else—maybe an older person—will tell you how absolutely delightful your child is? And then you respond with something like, “Yeah, you may think so but…” Or maybe you’ve had a friend admire your house, and you can’t help but show them the terrible bathroom or the crumbling ceiling or something else you find wanting.

Here’s the thing. If we’re a collection of our thoughts, and we choose to find the negative—the difficult—in a situation instead of the positive, whether it’s out of perceived modesty or humility or just plain old pessimism, we do ourselves a disservice.

We are what we think about. So, if you want to be your best and happiest self, it behooves you to elevate your thoughts.

There’s a wonderful practice that I’ve adopted. It worked so well that I’ve turned my children and my coaching clients on to it to great effect. It’s the practice of cultivating awe.

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