How to Summon Peace and Love For All (yes, really)

Kid on beach drawing in sand

That’s a powerful subject line, right? And I promise I haven’t fully lost it (just partially, in a good way). The sweet little story to follow is true, and I wanted to share it with you in this week of gratitude to encourage a deep awareness of those around us, and the impact we have on one another.

Last week, I took my son to the beach after a couple days of rain. The sand had that perfect “write on me” texture, thick and durable. My son found a long stick (about the size of his body) and got to work. He took a “street art” class last year and has been inspired by Keith Haring, Basquiat and other prominent street artists ever since. A walk around the lower east side is a thrill. A wide open wet flat beach and a branch is all he needs to share his ideas (of which there are many).

He started drawing dinosaurs and fish, crowns and words. Shapes, movement, people. An artist at work.

See his artwork here (about 47 sec)

When it was time to leave, he asked for a few moments. He closed his eyes and mouthed words. When he was done, I asked what he was doing. He said that he was calling people to the beach, inviting them to make art and share ideas with one another.

I like the idea of kids meditating, engaging with the world to share a greater good. I was proud of his intention, excited to see the spiritual person he was becoming.

Later, he and I went kayaking, with no destination, just paddling around. We ended up near this beach, and he asked if we could see his art from the water. When we arrived, he jumped out of the kayak and saw that there was art all everywhere. Spirals and mandalas, words and poems, images and ideas. Other artists had come and left their mark.

Take a moment and imagine the power this kid felt. He had called the artists forth and they heeded the call. This kid was on cloud nine. He was sure he made this happen. And I witnessed his soul filling with power and impact (and yeah, peace and love too).

He found his stick, picked it up and titled the beach.

See the video here (about 7 seconds long — its a sweet one)

In this holiday week I invite you to seize the moment, express whats in your heart, call forth the people and experiences you want to have, find beauty and share it with all.

With love,

PS: The night before this beach art day, we watched Avatar. The sequel is coming out in December, and I’ve been high for a week on the concept fumes of this movie. If you haven’t seen it, give it a go.

PPS: If you’re looking for tips to manage Thanksgiving, here’s a blog I wrote a few years ago.

PPPS: Stutz. Thanks to so many of you for suggesting I watch this documentary. Jonah Hill interviewing his therapist. I’ve watched it and it’s powerful. The tools are great (Stutz wrote 2 books), and the relationship, as you know, their authentic connection is everything. Have a watch if you haven’t.

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