Witches, Warlords and War.

Three witches making a potion at a table.

 I want to thank those of you who’ve reached out over the last week and held me in your thoughts. My Jewishness is a part of my coaching toolbox, with references in my book, in the metaphors I use, and in some of the social traditions I draw from.

I have found these resources and opinion pieces helpful whilst steadying myself and helping others steady themselves. I hope you find them useful as well.

Your kids’ questions on Israel, Hamas and Gaza, answered.

Why Israel is Acting This Way

I’m Going To War For Israel. Palestinians are Not My Enemy.

Nobody Cried for Us.


I had been exploring the concept of witches (’tis the season), and out of curiosity about some folks who’ve been showing up for me. For a deeper dive, please check out this piece on my website called Witches, Wisdom and Fear. It’s a historical review, straight up to modern times.

I’ve been working with an acupuncturist for the last few years who also does deeper work with horoscopes and human design. I realized recently that I’ve been thinking of her as “my witch”.

I also worked with a doula when I had my three children. I often thought that Kelly also carried the gift of witchiness. Welcoming souls into the world, supporting women to bring new life to the world always seemed like a super witch-like think to do.

Today, I’m enjoying an offsite at my favorite Korean spa, where I like to start in the hot tub. When I stepped in there were no less than 8 older plus women in the tub with me,  gesticulating, laughing and interrupting each other and I’ll say it, cackling. Super witchy, simmering in a hot cauldron.

So what do I mean by witchyness? Women (often, but not only) who connect with nature and spirit. Those who intuit things, nurture that feeling of knowing. Those who are called to speak that which they intuit but can’t explain.

And yes, the world of those who speak with the dead and pull tarot and do I ching readings and all that has MANY charlatans (just like coaching, ahem), and it also has gifted seers and intuitives.

In fact, I believe that many of us have “the gift” of intuition, and step away from it. That feeling of knowing. Maybe when you met your spouse. Or maybe that feeling of knowing right before something big happens. Dreaming of an out of town friend just at the time of an incident “feeling something” reaching out to them. That feeling of knowing this was a good decision or bad one. Your attunement with yourself, and the collective.

And why do witches have such a bad wrap? I mean there’s Glenda (who has her own issues)  and then everyone else.

Witches have access to energy. Attunement to themselves, to others, to nature, animals (frogs, snakes, cats, rats and ravens, obvs), and access to the deeper felt sense around us. Why do  animals run to high ground *just before* a tsunami? They are attuned to nature. Are they witches? Depends on who you ask.

I believe in witches. I believe in intuition. I believe in the magic of the stars just as deeply as I believe in the healing properties of herbs (soothing lavender, anyone?). I believe in the power of the collective to heal and I am calling on that regularly, especially now.

As a coach, I help clients more effectively reveal their own intuition, their own felt sense of what is right for them. And then I help you get to work and pursue it.

I know what I’ll be dressing up for this Halloween. And how about you? Do you have any supportive witches in your life? Want to bring out your inner witch or wizard (or wisdom) a little more? Let’s talk!



PS: I’ve been doing a deep dive with Tosha Silver, who helps folks pay attention. She’s a fun read and a game changer. She’ll have you recognizing all kinds of signs in your midst. Enjoy!

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