Best Pandemic Thinking: April 2020

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So we’re past the point of calling this global quarantine a 2-week thing and even a 1-month thing. States are starting to close school for the remainder of the school year; parents are starting to talk about homeschooling for next year.

Personally, I feel great relief that we’re out of the bargaining phase, expecting this whole pandemic thing to just last a little bit. I like the notion of preparing like a realist; and now that we’re not just talking about flattening the curve but flattening and going back down before we start opening up the world again.

I’m relieved that we’re taking this seriously, treating it like the long-term war it is; not a month-long inconvenience.

Now that we are admitting the truth, we can plan accordingly.

Here’s some of the best pieces about the pandemic I’ve read / listened to this week:

  • Finally! Someone to talk about the uneven toll that quarantine is taking on working moms or secondary earners. We’re turning back the gains of feminism a whole lot; let’s think about what we’re doing. Also we’ve never had a really good child care program in the US, now we can see that in full effect.
  • I’m tired of being preached to that “now is the time to take advantage of all the time you have”. C’mon motivation coaches; settle back a bit. Obviously you don’t have kids. Or responsibilities. Or the ability grieve. Stop guilting us all into workaholism. Love this piece asking the “lockdown motivators” to settle down.
  • Thank you, The Daily, for this sobering piece on what the pandemic future will look like for the next two (or –gasp–four years). It’s the straight dope, which I am slurping down like an old fashioned egg cream. It’s nice to be told the truth by a scientist. And not to worry, at the end he ends high, reminding us that in a few years we’ll be laughing like it’s the roaring twenties again. (Remember all those roaring 20s comments on NYE this year? More prescient than we realized).

I like the truth. I can handle the straight dope way better than having the truth be sugar-coated. Don’t be pedantic; I’m an adult. I can handle the truth. And so can you.

As you may imagine, I’ve been doing far more life coaching than career coaching lately. Your career, of course, is a part of your life, but right now areas like physical and mental health, family and home are rising up in significance. It’s not all about career; it never was.

I’m here for you, as always, whether you’d like a single session or a full program. Let’s meet for an online coaching session via Zoom.

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