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Indulge at the Super Bowl Party, Guilt Free

It’s early February, we’re all a little plump here in the Northeast. And here comes the Super Bowl, with it’s guac, chips and chili. And wings. And cookies. And Italian heroes, meatball parms, pizza and ice cream. It’s a food orgy. My clients are annoyed, bothered and irritated by extra pounds they are carrying.  And we talk about …

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C’mon Get Happy

The old Partridge Family song takes me back. I’m a kid again, dancing around on a shaggy blue carpet. Nursing a serious crush on David Cassidy. No responsibilities. Little to no power either, but it’s the singing and dancing that I remember. And the feeling of being happy. Segue to today: I’ve been reading a particularly fabulous book, …

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What’s A Life Coach? (Video)

Personal Coach Allison Task

Part of the fun of working with a life coach is picking a partner who you connect with. After all, we’ll be working together closely on something that’s of absolute importance to you. You may be wondering: How is a life coach different from a therapist? Are my questions that insightful? What is it like to work together — …

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Ever Throw the Game?

wellness coach

Have you ever decided that you couldn’t do something? Maybe it was run a marathon, bake, or do calculus. Maybe you decided that you couldn’t play the piano, guitar, or figure out texting. For me, it was coffee. When I graduated from Cornell with few job prospects, I went for entry level jobs. I ended …

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Ready to Cook More and Weigh Less?

If you’re over your Whole 30 resolution, and would still like to drop some weight for the New Year (or just eat home cooked food and feel good about it), have I got a treat for you! My first Craftsy cooking class, COOK MORE, WEIGH LESS has just gone live! Click on this link to see a …

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Set A Resolution that Works

life coach

I love this time of year. The week between Xmas and New Year’s Eve gives me ample time to look at the year I’ve had, review the macro, the micro and set a resolution for the year to come. And I realize that, as a life coach, I may get unusually excited about this stuff. (I even review …

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The Key to Change? Turn Off to Turn On

transition coach

A nutritionist, a lactation consultant and a life coach were chatting at a holiday party. They were lamenting their clients’ biggest challenge: the ability to focus. The nutritionist said that she was going to stop offering home visits for her clients, because the clients couldn’t focus when she was with them in their homes. “I just see them looking past …

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Resolutions: Where Do You Want To Be?

resolutions coach

I think we’ve got this whole resolutions thing backwards. When we think of the classic New Years resolutions, like “lose weight, spend less time on Facebook, drink less”, it’s more to do with NOT doing things, than actively adding things you want. And eating less, drinking less…that’s not fun. Sure, maybe it’s what needs to get …

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4 Powerful Words Change Family Dynamics

monkey family dynamics

For those of you who think the most powerful words  are “I love you,” try again. It starts with “I love you”, right? After that, maybe there’s an “I do”, after which you adopt a fish or a frog or a fuzzy something or other. Then maybe you create some new people. Sure, “I love you” kicks it off.  It’s a …

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