Grow The Pie.


I like math. I love to balance my checkbook, and as my clients know, I invoice on the regular. I like accounting and P&Ls. Straight lines, formulas that work. Math is a dream for a neat-and-tidy person like myself.

And then, math can get trippy. AsymptotesMandelbrot Fractals! 
I’ve never chewed mischievous mushrooms but when I zone out with these guys I feel like I’m having an experience.

I like frisky math. And one of my favorite concepts is “growing the pie”. If you’ve had multiple children, pets, or lovers – you know about growing the pie. You can always find more love to give. Love is the ultimate ever-growing pie. Like The Blob.

Recently, my children were arguing over lollipops. Eight blue raspberry flavored Dum-Dums come in the 13-ounce bag, and one of my kids took them all. His brother wanted one. Not on his watch.

I pointed out that if he demonstrated good behavior by sharing with his brother, I’d be open to purchasing another bag. Which means instead of losing the one lollipop and having only 7, he could choose to give the lollipop and end up with 12.

Yep, I bribed/rewarded the kid for the behavior I wanted. For $2.99, I grew the pie and more importantly, reinforced the behavior I want to foster. 

Interestingly, the blue-tongued son has since forgotten about the offer to buy a second bag of Dum-Dums– the pie grows further!

Is there something that’s stressing you now? A choice that you’re making from a position of scarcity? Something that makes you feel pinched?

Think about that thing.

And then hold it, because the whole “grow the pie” solution doesn’t come quick (unless you’re in a different mental space – fractal videos help). Give your neurons a chance to make new connections and conceive a new solution. Just hold that thing — what if you could find a way to make it happen?

The pie growing solution will present itself. 

I’m moving to a bigger office later this year. My business is going well, and I want a bigger space with more flexibility. I have a chance to upgrade to a suite in my building, or a much bigger suite in a gorgeous building where I could sublease to other wellness professionals. It all seems a little scary (and expensive).

However, if I can figure out a way to swing it, that pie is growing! I’ll have a big conference room, other wellness professionals to collaborate with (and plenty of free parking for my clients).

I can wah-wah-wah about the stress of the move and cost of the space, or I seize the opportunity for what it is – and enjoy the opportunity to create a super cool coaching space for my clients.  

Time will tell. But I think you can hear where I’m leaning.

Where can you make a bold choice and grow your pie?

As always, thank you for reading. And please share with someone who might find this useful.

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