The No-Nonsense Stepmom Speaks Up!

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A couple weeks ago, I mentioned that I’d be speaking at the Online Stepmom Summit. Today, I’m the featured stepmom. Check out my billing:

Allison Task: The No-Nonsense Stepmom and Positive Role Model: Using Food, Fun, and Other Techniques to Bond a Family

Something tells me that the conference host was thinking “No BS Stepmom”, but went with “No-nonsense” instead. Because for those of you who know me…I’m full of nonsense. I just don’t put up with BS. 🙂

stepmom coach
Laughter is the best medicine.

The Online Stepmom Summit is a special online conference for stepmoms that provides quality tips from leading experts to guide stepmoms through the challenges of a blended family so that they can find find fun and fulfillment at the same time. You know, get through the nonsense.

You can join me and my 1/2 hour interview here, for free for the next 48 hours.

You can also watch interviews with many other experts and people who are passionate about sharing their knowledge with stepmoms. Register for the Online Stepmom Summit here.

Plenty of learning, fun and tribe-finding at the Online Stepmom Summit.

Get on in here — the water’s warm and the women are miracle workers.


stepmom coach

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