“I’m a Single Mother by Choice—and I Love It”

Are you considering becoming a single parent by choice? Here’s how one single mom did it all on her own—from selecting sperm to becoming pregnant to having two children—and she’s sharing all her top secrets on how you, too, can become a parent.

Have you always wanted to be a mom?

Kate McNeil did. She comes from a very close family, and being a mom was always part of the life she saw for herself. So when she wasn’t finding a worthy partner and she was getting older…she realized not having a partner didn’t need to keep her from having a family. Kate started telling friends about how she could leave Brooklyn, move to New Jersey, and become a mom. She could do this on her own. Kate cautions that once you start building out that vision, it can happen rather quickly. In her case, once she decided to give single parenthood a go, she was pregnant within four months. Read on to find out everything she learned on her own journey to motherhood...

(originally appeared in Reader’s Digest, rd.com)

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