Montclair Local Voices’ Ask Task: Is it Normal to Sleep Separately?

Dear Allison, My husband and I have a healthy marriage. We go on date nights about three times a month. On the weekends, we are intimate. No matter how tired my husband is after work, he always spends quality time with our son. And before fully winding down for the evening, he makes sure bills […]

Montclair Local Voices’ Ask Task: “I don’t want to have sex”

Dear Allison, I just don’t want to have sex with my husband any more. There I’ve said it. I like him, I love him, he’s a great father and partner. I’m just not into sex. I’m still nursing (our fourth child), and I get enough physical stimulation. I know he’s disappointed about it, but I […]

Anxious Before Bedtime? This Habit Will Turn That Frown Upside Down

Did you know that the time before bed is notorious for piquing people’s anxiety? That’s when you think about things you should have said during the day, when you start wondering about logistics, a big presentation for tomorrow, or if your kid is coming down with the flu. Therapists know it’s a notorious time for […]

The Mindset Shift That Can Unearth Joy In Any Situation

Have you ever had a really rough moment with your child, and then someone else—maybe an older person—will tell you how absolutely delightful your child is? And then you respond with something like, “Yeah, you may think so but…” Or maybe you’ve had a friend admire your house, and you can’t help but show them […]

How to Help Your Spouse Find A Better Job

If your spouse is looking for a change, follow these 4 steps to recalibrate their career trajectory. There are few things more heartbreaking than someone hating their job. Work is where most people spend the majority of their waking hours. And if your spouse is the breadwinner, they feel this responsibility—they have to work, they have to make money, […]