The 6 Best Books About Neuroscience in 2023

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Neuroscience is the study of the nervous system and how it works to regulate not only body functions but also thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. The human brain is a complex ecosystem; neuroscience studies the brain – from structure to function, development to disease.

This specialized science focuses on brain structure and functions influencing thoughts, emotions, and reactions. Learning more about the brain and how it works can be helpful if you want to empower yourself as you address fear, anxiety, or mental health issues.  Learn more about the best books about neuroscience below.

Importance of Understanding Neuroscience

Neuroscience isn’t just a field for scientists; understanding how the nervous system works can help you make sense of your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. Below are some reasons why you may enjoy studying neuroscience.

Advanced Knowledge of Basic Biology

A simple reason to study neuroscience is to learn more about the human body. You may understand the brain’s structure, but the science behind how it influences behavior is entirely different. It’s like moving from black and white to technicolor :).

Potential to Transform Human Health

Although people don’t always consider neuroscience when discussing medicine, neuroscience is at the forefront of treating and curing prominent and impactful diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Scientists in this field relieve these and other conditions related to the human mind.

Relationship with Psychology

Neuroscience is also closely related to psychology, and neuroscience advances may contribute to treating mental health issues. Understanding how the brain and nervous system work can help scientists uncover the causes of many mental health conditions, leading to more effective treatments. They are somewhat like the  yin and yang of why you do what you do. Art and science. Mechanics and magic. Peanut butter and jelly.

Enhanced Performance

Understanding how your brain works is a plus, whether you’re a student or in business. Neuroscience studies how the brain makes decisions and can help you make changes to improve performance.

In other words, the more familiar you are with how your brain works, the easier it becomes to determine what you need to change and how to make those changes for the best results.

6 Best Books about Neuroscience

Ready to learn more? Here are six of the best books on neuroscience.

1. How Emotions Are Made

How Emotions Are Made

This exceptional book by Lisa Feldman Barrett presents bold arguments on common misconceptions about human emotions. She exposes the methodological weaknesses in decades of research about emotions.

The author proposes that there is nothing like separating emotions from cognitive brain functioning, relying on current neuroscientific evidence to justify her theories on how emotions are made.

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2. The Body Keeps the Score

The Body Keeps the Score

This book spent over 150 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, and it’s easy to see why. The Body Keeps the Score is a simple read that uses standard features of popular psychology to help readers understand the neuroscience of trauma.

The author links traumatic reactions to brain anatomy and functions, explaining how they initiate responses to extreme experiences. This book is an excellent read for anyone suffering childhood trauma and hardship in life. This one is a classic (and a doorstop).

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3. Becoming Supernatural

Becoming Supernatural

In this award-winning read, you’ll learn how to transcend the limitations of your past into a new body, mind, and, ultimately, life. Becoming Supernatural is a 21st-century manual offering a practical brain and body guide. It’s a little woo-woo and out there, and it’s a different way to think about your ability to get extra sensory.

Dr. Joe Dispenza uses experiential wisdom and captivating case studies to challenge you to reach out for an extraordinary life.

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4. Altered Traits

Altered Traits

Daniel Goleman and Richard Davidson show how meditation can improve physical and psychological well-being in this book. It debunks myths and misconceptions about mindfulness while projecting its long-term benefits. It demonstrates how you can affect permanent change in your (as they say) mind, brain and body. What weights can do for a body builder’s body, meditation can do for your mind.

Altered Traits is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to practice mindfulness in short doses and get full results.

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5. First, We Make the Beast Beautiful

We Make the Beast Beautiful

Sarah Wilson uses new research and experiential wisdom to show readers how to overcome one of the most common mental health conditions: anxiety. This book sheds the narrative that anxiety is a dangerous disease that must be tamed. Instead, it proposes anxiety is a spiritual quest that leads us closer to issues that matter.

This oddly practical yet funny book is a poetic rendition of wisdom to encourage those with anxiety to find opportunities to consider this an asset for a meaningful life.

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6. Rewire Your Anxious Brain

Rewire Your Anxious Brain

In this book, the authors show us how vital parts of the brain play a role in the neuropsychology of anxiety. If you’ve ever wondered what’s happening in your brain when you panic or worry, Rewire Your Anxious Brain has all the answers.

The authors also present an evidence-based solution based on neuroscience and research for overcoming anxiety. I recommend the self-assessments and proven techniques to help you rewire the brain processes that influence your fears.

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What Are Some Practical Applications of Neuroscience?

In recent years, neuroscience merged with other disciplines to create neuroeconomics, neuromarketing, and neurofinance. Learning about how the brain works can open doors in various fields, just as it can help you open doors in your own life.

Can Neuroscience Explain Human Behavior?

Neuroscience aims to explain psychological processes like emotion, learning, memory, and sensorimotor processing. In other words, this expected and, at times, automatic human behavior results from activity in the brain.


Our brains are incredibly complex, so knowing what’s happening within those nerve cells is essential. Neuroscience provides a telescopic view into the wonders of the brain to help you explain your behavior. And remember, neuroscience is constatntly evolving. If you want to understand how the brain works, these books will give you a head start.

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