Don’t Even Consider Moving Without Answering These Important Questions

As a life coach, the author has helped clients decide if they should move across the country, out of the country, or stay put. Here are the questions she has her clients ask themselves when deciding to make the move.

Do you have friends or family there? Do your friends have family there or does your family have friends there? Do any of your Facebook friends have contacts there? Simply put: Get the skinny from someone who lives there. Get the inside scoop. Ask what they love about the place, what they wish was different, how it works for families, singles, kids, pets—whatever is important to you. Recently, my husband was contemplating a job change to Baltimore. I found out I knew two people who were living there: a friend from grade school (who I hadn’t spoken with in 20 years) and an ex-boyfriend’s sister (who I hadn’t spoken with in a decade). We connected via Facebook and in days we were having long conversations where I could cut to the chase, get the story on the city from people who knew me—and the city—well.

Are you looking for an adventure?

Sometimes it’s time to mix things up. Perhaps you’re living in the same town where you were born and you just want to try something new. Maybe you’re in your 20s and ripe for an adventure…

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