Don’t Even Consider Moving Without Answering These Important Questions

As a life coach, the author has helped clients decide if they should move across the country, out of the country, or stay put. Here are the questions she has her clients ask themselves when deciding to make the move. 1. Do you know people where you’re going? Do you have friends or family there? […]

“I’m a Single Mother by Choice—and I Love It”

Are you considering becoming a single parent by choice? Here’s how one single mom did it all on her own—from selecting sperm to becoming pregnant to having two children—and she’s sharing all her top secrets on how you, too, can become a parent. Have you always wanted to be a mom? Kate McNeil did. She […]

7 Ways to Turn a Boring, Ho-Hum Job into Your Dream Career

Are you in a blah job, not necessarily good or bad, just meh? Meh can be draining.  1. Find a way to bring YOU to your job They hired you for a reason. There were other candidates, other options, but they chose you. Why? Why were you a good fit for the job? Let’s identify […]

8 Secrets No One Tells You About Returning to Work After Maternity Leave

These are the little things that every new mom realizes eventually, but no one really talks about. 1. You may pump in some crazy places. While it’s wonderful that companies are now required by law to provide lactation rooms and breaks to nursing moms, you may not be pumping there all the time. Have you ever […]

What You Need to Do to Bounce Back Stronger from Failure

We all make mistakes. It’s how we handle it that can make matters better—or worse. 1. Congratulations: You Failed Call it what it is: You messed up! Did you crash your car into a light pole? Or was it only that you tucked your skirt into your underpants and walked through the office before realizing it? […]