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It’s Weight Loss Season. Don’t Get Crazy.

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As a healthy cookbook author, the January diet frenzy familiar territory for me. This is one of two “seasons” in the industry, the other being bathing suit season (natch). This is when people get serious about losing weight (and when marketers get serious about selling weight loss). And by “getting serious”, people want to lose weight now, so they go from …

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Set A Resolution that Works

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I love this time of year. The week between Xmas and New Year’s Eve gives me ample time to look at the year I’ve had, review the macro, the micro and set a resolution for the year to come. And I realize that, as a life coach, I may get unusually excited about this stuff. (I even review …

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The Key to Change? Turn Off to Turn On

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A nutritionist, a lactation consultant and a life coach were chatting at a holiday party. They were lamenting their clients’ biggest challenge: the ability to focus. The nutritionist said that she was going to stop offering home visits for her clients, because the clients couldn’t focus when she was with them in their homes. “I just see them looking past …

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How I Lost The Baby Weight

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Here’s an article about losing baby weight that I wrote a couple years ago for Cooking Light magazine while I was a contributing editor there. Now the piece is appearing on the Huffington Post. Ah, the Internet. The article reveals my unabashed (and unpaid) affection for those funky little exercise bands; they were the key to my post-baby weight loss. …

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