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Anger Is the Key to Happiness

martin luther king with a quote from martin luther king.

I started off 2017 with an education resolution: I wanted more of it. And so, I signed up for a class on Happiness, created by the Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center and offered by edX. I can’t recommend it highly enough. In my first lesson, I had a couple of significant take-aways about happiness: it’s correlated […]

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Days Between School and Summer

parent coach

The days between school ending and summer beginning; what are they called again? It’s not an official holiday…but parents definitely need to find child care. There are wonky half days, field days, fun days, picnics and ceremonies, ah, those early dismissals and auditorium events usually called for some time between 11AM and 2PM. It’s not

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Can’ts and Shoulds

a man holding a sign that says don't should't should't.

I was taking a fast-paced walk the other day, and came to an intersection manned by a crossing guard. The light was red and the crossing guard was across the street. No cars coming in either direction, and so I began to cross. A sharp whistle came from you know who followed by, “You can’t cross now!” I

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Doing the Girl Thing

a woman sitting on the ground holding a white glove.

I have two impressive clients, one a lawyer and one a doctor. They are highly accomplished in their fields. On the same day, each separately asked me the same question at one point during the session: “Am I doing the girl thing?” And I knew exactly what they meant. But, being a coach, my job is

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Get Unstuck (Video)

Allison Task in Prague

Want to see some raw honesty from a rough personal life coach? Here’s me, first thing in the morning (after coffee but before a shower), answering the following question: Why do you enjoy helping people get unstuck and get more out of life? My coach asked me this question, and challenged me to speak directly to you,

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A Village of Fathers

alternative fathers

I have a life coach. As a career & life coach, it behooves me to be coached, to practice what I preach. My coach was a set up, and as a result, a coach was chosen for me that is probably unlike a coach I would have chosen for myself. He is a Black Christian man living

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